Core Restoration Training

Do you experience any of the following:

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to learn more about Muscles and Mommies and our Core Restoration Training program.

Our core restoration training is an 8-week progressive program called, Core Confidence, which has been mindfully put together by Bellies Inc. Through this 8-week program you are taught a series of daily exercises, focusing on your breath and teaching you what your core actually is. This program can reverse pelvic organ prolapse, minimize or eliminate back pain & pelvic girdle pain, get rid of your mummy tummy and minimize diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) aka abdominal separation.

What does the Core Restoration Training Program Entail?

Your initial 60min session checks for DRA, your degree of separation (if any), muscle tone and postural alignment, you will be given 1 exercise to do as 'homework' until the next session.

From here we will meet once a week for 30-60 minutes each session to work through the 8-week program and add on exercises that are at your current ability level. Be prepared to work every day for 15-20min between sessions.

At the end of the 8 weeks you will be left with a booklet of core exercises that includes a series of progressions. You will also have a strong knowledge of your core, it's function and how to exercise properly.

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