The Mommy Sessions

A workshop series geared toward the expecting, new and seasoned mother. This series will guide you through everything you need and want to know about pregnancy and postpartum care. We will talk about pre and postnatal fitness, pelvic floor health, chiropractic care, essential oils, breastfeeding, nutrition and more.

Each workshop is approximately 2 hours filled with practical information, access to vendors that align with each topic, door prizes and light refreshments.

Cost: $20.00 per person for pre-registered attendees (non-refundable, transferrable upon request), $25 at the door

Time: 6:30-8:30pm


Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre

#212 – 17696 65A Ave  Surrey, BC V3S 5N4


Presented by: Muscles & Mommies Fitness. For questions and further information contact or 604.762.1731


Workshop Schedule:

Session #2 ~ September 19th

The Benefits of Pre and Postnatal Chiropractic Care Paired with Essential Oils to Ease Pregnancy and Postpartum Symptoms

This workshop will discuss the benefits of chiropractic care paired with essential oils to safely support your body during different stages of pregnancy, as well as labour and postpartum. You will learn how to safely and effectively ease common symptoms throughout your pregnancy and beyond into motherhood.


Dr. Emily McManus is a chiropractor, essential oils educator and a mama to two young boys. She has been using and learning about oils in depth for over 3 years and first started using oils to support symptoms during her first pregnancy. Dr. Emily has been a chiropractor for 7 years, her chiropractic practice is pregnancy and pediatric focused. She is passionate about truly empowering women and their families to take care of their health proactively and self responsibly.

Session #3 ~ October 17th

Pre and Postnatal Fitness: The Do’s and Don’ts to Keep You and Your Baby Happy and Healthy

Join Erin Osborne, Personal Trainer and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, as she discusses the safety, contraindications and myths and misconceptions surrounding fitness and the pre and postnatal body. There are so many questions and issues that should be addressed so women are confident keeping themselves healthy during this time of change. This workshop will also include a 30min easy workout and stretch session suitable for for everyone.

Come in comfortable clothing ready to move your body.


The person behind Muscles & Mommies is Erin Osborne. Erin is a registered personal trainer (BCRPA), pre and postnatal fitness specialist, Bellies Inc. core confidence trainer and a trained birth doula (DONA).

Erin shares her passion of health and wellness with many people especially expectant and new mothers. Her doula training, many years of doula practice and being a mother herself, partnered with her fitness passion and training gives her a valuable insight as to the changes one’s body goes through while pregnant and how to endeavor to return that body to its pre-pregnancy state. As a Bellies Inc. Core Confidence trainer Erin helps women with diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) post pregnancy to strengthen their abdominal muscles prior to returning to a fitness regime. This helps ensure they don’t further damage their abdominals and pelvic floor. This program has seen many amazing results.

Erin is registered as a weight trainer, personal trainer and pre and postnatal fitness specialist with BCRPA (British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association) and is always advancing her fitness education. In her spare time Erin enjoys yoga, running, snowboarding, hiking, swimming and many other outdoor activities. Over the years she has run many 10km races, the tender knee 12km trail race in North Vancouver and in 2013 she ran her first half marathon.

Erin lives in Clayton Heights where she operates a home based fitness studio. She also travels to client’s homes for core confidence and personal training sessions. She would love to meet you and see how she can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Session #4 ~ Nov 14th

Excited, Exhausted & Emotional: Adjusting to Parenthood

Join Linda King as she talks everything postpartum mental health. This is your opportunity to hear how life is about to change, the struggles you and your family may face and how to respond. She will also discuss warning signs of postpartum depression & postpartum anxiety and the help that is out there if you need it. This workshop will also be an opportunity for those new and seasoned mothers to take a moment and talk about how they are feeling & the struggles they may be having in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Come ready to share or listen with a sympathetic ear.

Since 1971 the Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supporting Mothers and their families through the perinatal and postpartum adjustment period. Their mission is to end the isolation and distress experienced by many women and their families with the profound life change that accompanies the birth or adoption of a child.


Linda is a married mother of 3 sons and Grandmother to 1 darling granddaughter. She has been a postpartum support counselor/facilitator/trainer for the Pacific Post Partum Support Society in Vancouver BC for the past 28 years. She is part of the PPPSS team that continuously updates and develops the support program, publications and training workshops which are delivered to health care and support people in communities. Her training is in Family Support Work but her most valuable training has come from working for PPPSS and her personal experience of postpartum distress. Linda experienced postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first and third sons. Linda and her husband know firsthand what it’s like to go through a very difficult postpartum reaction. She received wonderful support from the Pacific Post Partum Support Society. She attended a group and received telephone support. Her husband attended a fathers’ information night. The opportunity to speak candidly with other mothers in a safe facilitated group setting contributed greatly to her eventual wellness.

Linda continues to use the tools she learned in the group. Her own experience plus her interest in mothering, parenting and families fuels the passion she brings to her work. The Pacific Post Partum Support Society is a pioneer in the field and began in 1972 as a grass roots organization. They listen to the voices of women and men to support the well-being of the family.

Pacific Postpartum Society Linda

Session #1 ~ June 6th COMPLETED

Caring For Your Pelvic Floor Before, During & After Pregnancy

This session, with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Sheree Budgell, will give you an overview of the anatomy and functions of the pelvic floor. 

Sheree will discuss:

The Pelvic Floor & Pregnancy: What you can do to manage pregnancy related symptoms and minimize the risk of pelvic floor trauma during labour

The Pelvic Floor & Labour: Protect your pelvic floor during the 2nd stage of labour

The Pelvic Floor & Postpartum (the 4th Trimester): Optimal pelvic floor healing and considerations for return to exercise

Common postpartum issues related to your pelvic floor & core (eg. incontinence, pelvic pain, Csections, DRA) and when it is best to see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist


Sheree Budgell is a physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic health and postpartum rehabilitation. Sheree is qualified to do internal pelvic assessments and treatments on dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles (PFM) and scar tissue. Sheree is qualified to use the "Rost Therapy" techniques on clients with pelvic girdle pain, in particular clients with perinatal low back, pubic or groin pain.